Why Should You Close With Quality?

We combine knowledge, experience, and the latest technology with personalized customer service.

Commitment to Industry Best Practices

Our experience and proven track record in the industry isn’t an accident, it is a result of our commitment to continual learning and implementation of industry “Best Practices” and procedures for our staff to be FULLY compliant with all regulations and requirements. We pride ourselves on being one of the most technologically advanced title insurance companies in the industry and are investing and utilizing the most advanced technologies to increase efficiencies and add value to our clients.  To this end, we use third party fraud protection and a reconciliation compliance software program which reconciles escrow accounts on a minute to minute basis.

Member of Leading Associations

As a member of Virginia Land Title Association, in addition to following industry “Best Practices,” we pursue our educational goals and provide advocacy for the Housing Commission. We are also affiliated members of Homes For Heroes, American Warrior Initiative, as well as our local Front Royal/Warren County Chamber of Commerce.

Independently Vetted by Secure Insight

Protecting the security of your personal and financial information is our top priority. That is why we chose to be independently vetted by Secure Insight, which delivers the most advanced closing fraud risk analysis in the industry, to ensure that we are meeting all federal and state regulatory requirements. Since their founding, Secure Insight has vetted and overseen more than 3 million mortgage transactions, they have a perfect record with agents they vet having no reports of loss to clients or customers.

We Underwrite with Only the Largest Companies

We combine the small town service with the professional options provided by large companies such as Chicago Title, Stewart Title Guaranty Company and North American Title Insurance Company. Working with a variety of large underwriters enables us to ensure we are able to accommodate your real estate transaction even if it is unusual or complicated.

Zoccam - Deposit EMD electronically

Zoccam allows EMD’s to be deposited electronically which saves the Realtor time.  To use this option click link for instructions – Zoccam Instructions

What We Offer

Settlement and Closing Services (also Se habla Español)

We understand that buying or selling a house is a big decision, and we want to make your closing experience as stress free and peaceful as possible. That is why we offer Next Day closings (pending Abstract review and availability), and mobile and after hours closings anytime and anywhere in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC., and (*West Virginia).

Did you know that for most real estate transactions the settlement and closing process requires more than 100 time consuming steps? These can include reviewing the contract or closing instructions, depositing loan funds, paying off prior mortgages, coordinating property inspections, preparing ALTA settlement statements, and notarizing documents, among many others. We coordinate and finalize documents, close the transaction, and submit pertinent documents for proper recordation in public records.

Settlement and Closing Services icon

Title Searches

A title search is a thorough examination of all property records, which ensures that the person or company claiming to own the property does in fact have legal ownership. During a title search, the underwriter also checks for outstanding mortgages, judgments, liens, assessments or unpaid taxes associated with the property. The search also reveals any restrictions, easements, leases or other issues that affect the property. This information is very important and will be used to ensure that a clear title is conveyed at closing. We are committed to presenting you any defects we uncover quickly so that we can work together with you to remedy any title defects. Because of our over 60 years of combined experience, we are skilled at clearing any outstanding title issues that could interfere with or delay your closing.


As part of our settlement services, Quality Title can act as an escrow agent, securely holding deeds, funds, and other important legal documents, and disburses funds according to the buyer’s and seller’s instructions.

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Title Insurance

Title insurance provides a guarantee of ownership of your property, and protects against other parties claiming to have ownership of or interest in your property. Title Insurance protects you against any possible risks that even the most thorough title searches could not uncover, such as judgements which were not properly indexed in land records, as well as forged or invalid deeds, or previously undisclosed “missing heirs.”

Title insurance provides you with peace of mind and coverage that is in effect for as long as you or your heirs own interest in the property. This form of insurance is relatively inexpensive, especially when considering the degree of protection it offers, and is paid as a one time premium as part of your closing costs.

Some options we offer include:

Next Day Closing

(Pending abstract review and availability.)

Mobile Closings

We conduct Mobile Closings In DC, MD, VA and (*WV) with flexible scheduling.

Short Sale Support

Se habla Español closings available

New Home Buyers' Training

Available upon request.

Agent Classes

for Closing Disclosures, Commitments and liens, partnered with Chicago Title, who conducts Agent CE classes. Available upon request.

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