Keeping It Real: Build relationships to cement your place

Will agents become obsolete? Not if they focus on nurturing close relationships with their clients

On this edition of “Keeping It Real,” a recurring series on Inman, Peter Lorimer talks through the importance of creating and nurturing strong relationships and how to cement your place in the industry.

As technology and information becomes more pervasive, the rising question is this: Are real estate agents going to become obsolete?

“Your clients can find this information without you. We are no longer the gate-keepers of information. Therefore, our job has changed. Those of us that realize our job has changed will flourish because it is all about service,” Peter Lorimer said on the podcast below.

Lorimer dives into the importance of remaining in the lives of the people in your sphere, nurturing those relationships and doing it all authentically (no one likes to feel like you’re selling to them).

Peter Lorimer – Podcast BIG DATA


Today, it boils down to service, collaboration and, ultimately, relationships.Practical tips for building relationships are mentioned, such as spending quality time with people, as well as remaining in their lives — even after they’ve purchased a home with you — and inviting them into your life through intimate and authentic gatherings. Listen in to hear about a rather fabulous Easter party that Lorimer and his wife threw at their home in L.A.

Ultimately, it’s about nurturing small groups of people that you genuinely care about.

“People care about people. And if all we are is a name tag with numbers, we’re no different from Redfin, we’re no different from Zillow, we’re no different from all of these other multitudes of apps that are going to be carving their way through our industry. What can never be replaced is you,” Lorimer said.

Major benefits of cultivating relationships:

  • It’s harder for others to break into your circle (less danger of competition).
  • You will genuinely enjoy time with others.
  • Your strategy will differ from most other agents.

Listen to the full podcast to get fired up about reaching out to your sphere and evading the encroaching “big data” fear.

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