Fresh design ideas for staging a home in spring

Celebrity home stager Cheryl Eisen and her colleague Christina Slater offer some simple-to-implement tips for staging contemporary, yet warm environments

Whether you are showing a seasonal rental or staging a new listing, bringing the freshness of spring to your listing’s design is a sure way to create excitement. We reached out to Interior Marketing Group (IMG) Founder and CEO Cheryl Eisen and Co-Staging Director Christina Slater for some advice on perking up home interiors for the season.

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Eisen and Slater suggested the following simple, affordable touches to make any home look lighter, brighter, and more contemporary.

  1. The Perfectly Made Bed: A welcoming way to make your bedroom feel luxurious.
  2. Rolled White Towels: A small detail that makes your home feel like a five-star hotel.
  3. Fresh Cut Flowers: A personal touch that adds warmth and life to any room.
  4. A Cozy Throw Blanket: A simple, homey solution to a living room that feels stark or uninviting.
  5. A Fully Stocked Bar Cart: A posh upgrade to your office or living room.
  6. Eye-catching Artwork: A personalized feature that goes a step beyond your average staging design.
  7. Sweet Scented Candle: A chic, fragrant addition to any living space.

Christy: Do you have some quick, easy and affordable ideas for freshening up a home that’s been sitting on the market for a while, especially with warmer weather approaching?

Eisen/Slater: As the weather warms up, a great way to freshen your home up this spring is by bringing the outdoors in. Try using floor-to-ceiling curtain panels that draw the eye to the windows; it makes them feel bigger and brings in light.

Another way to bring the outdoors inside is with fresh flowers or plants; this adds a touch of warmth and life, as well as a pop of color.

Finally, you can add a quick and easy pop of color by swapping out throw pillows or blankets for ones that are brighter and more colorful. Our go-to color choices for accents and accessories right now are evergreen, chartreuse, and blush-tones.

Christy: Can you give us some ideas for making up that perfect bed? Do we need stacks of throw pillows or do you take a “less is more” approach?

Eisen/Slater: A well-tailored bed goes a long way. Our number one rule of thumb is: Layers. We like to use a plush duvet insert with a coverlet that is tailored at the bottom to add color or texture.

We always, always use king size pillows, regardless of the size of the bed; this gives the illusion of a wider bed and covers the mattress end to end.

Finally, we finish the look with chopped pillows in varying colors or textures, for a final touch that makes the bed look freshly made and uniform, just like a luxurious hotel-room.

Christy: Do you have any suggestions for plants that work well in a staged setting where fresh cut flowers might not be practical?

Eisen/Slater: It can be hard to keep a plant alive for brokers between showings in any staging so we almost always opt for faux plants. This ensures that you will always have a plant that looks full and alive.

We gravitate more towards greenery than florals because they give the space a fresh, modern feeling without being too taste specific.

Christy: Do you have advice on artwork? Do you try to match the artwork to the style of the home or do you tend to default to a neutral abstract style?

Eisen/Slater: Artistic preference is something that can be very personal and specific. Art is something that is extremely subjective because everyone views it differently.

For a rental or a staging, you can never go wrong with neutral abstract art. Our in-house art department keeps this in mind when creating works for rental and staging projects. It adds interest, while maintaining a more universal appeal.

Christy: In terms of the outdoors, do you have any tips for freshening up the curb appeal quickly, easily, and affordably?

Eisen/Slater: It’s important to make a good first impression because the outdoors of the home is the first thing to be seen. You want to create a look that is tailored and well-kept. A fresh power wash goes a long way in achieving this as well as adding planters with faux boxwoods to frame the entryway.

Another quick and easy trick that can really make a difference is adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door. It’s a simple and affordable, yet effective, way to make the entrance to your home look fresh and clean.

Christy Murdock Edgar is a Realtor, freelance writer, coach and consultant with Writing Real Estate in Alexandria, Virginia. Follow Writing Real Estate on Facebook or Twitter

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