An Integrated Digital Closing Experience with Qualia |® and Qualia have joined forces to provide a seamless digital closing experience that brings the real estate agent, title company, and consumer together in one secure mobile platform.*

For the first time, agents in the network can place an order for title and escrow directly within their Agent App or web portal. With so many different technology platforms available, agents are demanding streamlined workflows and time-saving strategies, and this technology fits the bill.

*Available in select markets for agents in the ReadyConnect ConciergeSM network.

  • ​Easily find title companies who are utilizing Qualia’s digital close tools: Agents can find new title companies who are using the top digital close software by searching in their Agent App or web portal. Working with a tech-forward title company automatically gives you a leg up with your client.
  • Enjoy unmatched visibility into the closing process: Access real-time title updates to stay informed and answer your buyer or seller’s questions. No need to pick up the phone and call your title rep or feel like you’re left in the dark.
  • Secure document sharing: Manage, review, and share documents through Qualia’s secure platform. Automated notifications keep all parties informed when there is a new document to review.
  • Automated tasks keep everyone on track for an on-time close: Receive tasks from your title provider via email and in-app notifications. Then the title and escrow representative is automatically notified when tasks are completed. Talk about a time saver.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Ensure positive reviews and referrals from your clients by delivering an exceptional client experience with a best-in-class solution for digital closings and the ability for your clients to e-close* in the safety and security of their own home.
  • Reduce human error with digital close guidance: No missed signatures or overlooked tasks here.
  • Retain control over who you work with: puts agents in the driver’s seat with the ability to select one of the many highly-rated Qualia title partners or a simple way to refer their preferred title partner to the network.
  • Automate your Concierge (formerly Opcity) mandatory status updates: By placing your title order through, we will be automatically informed on the status of your client, and do not require the typical 7-day status updates.

*In select states, utilize RON/RIN for a digital signing and notary experience.

Agents are able to utilize Qualia to stay on top of title orders for a seamless and transparent closing experience. Automatic status updates, document tracking, secure communication tools, and more will be available to agents and their clients, giving them the ability to provide a truly elevated closing experience to their clients.

More value. Less invested time. What’s not to love?

“If a title partner is using Qualia versus one that is not, I will choose the title company that is using Qualia for my clients’ experience. The platform is seamless, and it helps everyone know where they are at in the transaction.”

Brendan R., Real Estate Agent

Austin, Texas

Place your title and escrow order through today and take the next step in digital closing.

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