10 Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Why Do Real Estate Agents Need to Worry About Safety?

One might think that being a real-estate agent is all about selling houses, sitting comfortably in lavish empty mansions and eating fancy feasts in open-houses. However, reality begs to differ. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) 2017 Member Safety Survey, more than 50 percent female realtors and more than 25 percent of male realtors have faced dangerous situations.

Realtors often fell unsafe and worried about their personal safety when dealing with strangers all day long. The fact is that realtors have to mingle with strangers and cater to their needs all day long. This can often lead to unwanted and unpleasant circumstances.

Real estate agents need to be prepared for different situations all the time. Apart from being well-educated in the knowledge of the real estate industry, they also take additional courses to further enhance their accessibility. SSTS course content can prepare you for your life as a realtor. However, we have compiled a list of safety tips for real-estate agents. Let’s take a look.

What Safety Tips Might Be Helpful for Realtors?

Over the years, Asian real estate agents have faced many unusual situations, as have realtors all over the world. The following safety tips can keep you safe while working as a professional real estate agent:

  1. Second Meeting Only Policy: Never meet your clients at their home for the first meeting. Instead, invite them to your office or a public space. This way, you can learn more about them before going with them to a private location.
  2. Confirm Client’s Identity: Background checks and a thorough identity check can save you from falling victim to any dire situations. Ask your clients for their identification and make sure to run them with law enforcement or appropriate authorities to ensure that your clients are who they claim to be.
  3. Let Your Colleagues Know Your Location: Whenever you are off with a client for a private showing of the location, make sure to let someone know your exact location and clients at the time. Also make use of device finding applications, such as “Find my iPhone” just in case.
  4. Pay Attention to Your Attire: We all want to look presentable when meeting with clients. However, there is a fine line between looking presentable and looking overly attractive. Don’t wear expensive jewelry, watches or accessories for a private meeting. We have all seen in shows and movies that realtors wear high-end jewelry and watches, however, realtors refrain from accessorizing too much on their job.
  5. Stay Behind the Client: You don’t want to be blind-sided by a criminal. Instead of leading the client through the house, stay behind and let the clients explore the location by themselves. This not only lets the clients feel empowered and in control, but it also allows you to have a full view of clients’ actions at all times.
  6. Take A Colleague: If your gut is going against your decision, it is better to request a colleague to tag along on your private showing. This way, your colleague can assess and control the situation while you tend to the client.
  7. Keep Your Phone Ready: Program emergency contacts as your favorites. Always keep your cellphone in your hand and ready to be accessed. This way, if anything goes wrong, you can quickly alert your loved ones.
  8. Self-Defense Lessons: Now this is a general tip, but it works in all scenarios. You don’t want to be overpowered or find yourself in a situation to physically defend yourself. If the situation goes wrong, you should be able to defend yourself quickly. So, take a few defense lessons regularly and stay in shape.
  9. Fight or Flight: When you enter the location, familiarize yourself with the nearest exit points. If things get unpleasant or the situation goes wrong, you should choose to flee. It is not cowardice to choose flight in situations where you can’t stand your ground.
  10. Canvas and Assess the Location Beforehand: Before going off for a private showing, visit the location by yourself as well. Make sure the location offers cell service at all times. Also, brainstorm different strategies to defend yourself or flee in unpleasant situations.

Final Thoughts

No one can be fully prepared for every situation, but you can avoid many potential problems by being prepared. Learn to defend yourself with the above-mentioned safety tips. These will not only save you in times of distress but can also save someone else’s life as well.

Stay connected with your colleagues, check the identity of your clients, don’t wear expensive accessories and consider taking self-defense lessons. We do hope that you never have to worry about these situations, but if things start to get uncomfortable, you should be able to defend yourself.

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